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Why work with Aluminios Eibar?

  • Value

    Aluminios Eibar is a safe value and our philosophy is the collaboration to generate wealth to our customers. We enhancethe network of contacts between our clients.

  • More than aluminium: solutions

    We offer high quality products with solutions to cover all the market opening needs, its accessories and special ironworks.

  • Quality

    Our products are certified and tested, and are supportedby manufacturers, leaders on their reference market.

  • Service

    We offer personalized and professional attention to our clients through our commercial team.

  • Professionalism

    We propose technical solutions  and advice.

  • Technical office and budgets

    We make availableto the client technical office and means for optimising the management  of budgets: the Chacal XXI programme.

  • We are your prescribers

    We make prescriptions in architecture to make known the advantages of all our products. This way our distributors have another point of sale with our collaboration.

  • Closeness

    Our clients have at their disposal 18.000 m2 of store, with more than 3.000 product and service references of daily transport.

  • Media

    We provide our clients the necessary means to work our sets: dies, milles.

  • Training

    The knowledge of the systems that we sell is very important. Therefore, we are carrying out courses of product training and installation in collaboration with the manufacturers.

  • Product

    At Aluminios Eibar we are always monitoring the market demands. State your need and we will give you a solution.

Aluminios Eibar for professionals

At Aluminios Eibar we provide coverage to professionals from different sectors. Find out what products we can offer based on your activity.


Do you need further information or requesting us a budget?

Contact us and we will solve all the doubts that you have

Are you individual or arcuitect?

If you are private customer or an architect, you can also contact with Aluminios Eibar

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The most recent entries of Aluminios Eibar

Office Partition - Instalation process videos for best results

Everything is easier once you get to know it. And if it’s easy, then it’s better. That is why in Rauman we produced a series of videos to help our followers and visitors get familiar with our partition wall solutions and their installation.…

S0.1 Nuevo sistema de mampara. S0.1 New wall division

El sistema S0.1 : Con una línea de producto basada en aluminio, con líneas simples y sutiles teniendo en cuenta los aportes de certificación tanto acústica como de seguridad estructural

Sistema Lineal S13

Aluminios Eibar amplía la gama de producto Rauman en División de oficina con un Sistema de Doble Vidrio Lineal enrrasado con las caras exteriores.   Separación entre vidrios interna de 77,20 mm Misma posición de vidrios…

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