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Creativity, innovation and service

Rauman with its innovator spirit is the reference brand in office compartmentalisation systems. Its common denominator is the creativity, the product and the service


Rauman is constantly evolving. Proof of this are the latest systems designed for the office compartmentalisation market. It is a philosophy of the future applied to the present.

Range of products

In Rauman we have a wide range of products. Partition systems, doors, cabinets, covered in all the imaginable finishings with excellent quality.


A product that creates pleasant spaces and environments. That plays with the light and the elements. Our team of professionals is in the hands of our clients for shapping the projects, result of the study, research and vision of professionals of architecture. Our product is capable of achieving the depth and approach that its talent deploys, giving it the searched identity.


In the Rauman I+D+I center today we already design tomorrow´s compartmentalisation systems. Design, imagination and fantasy are the foundations of Rauman´s activity.

Why choose us

  • Management

    • In Rauman we are professionals of the compartmentalisation technology. We undertake the projects from their birth until their execution in work through our collaborators.
    • We arrive to anywhere in the world.
    • Our prescribing and commercial team are in hands of architecture and design professionals to carry out the projects.
    • Our technical office for the developpment of new products.
    • Our administrative department for the budget execution and customer service.
  • Production

    • Optimal productive processes applied by contrasted professionals in each subject.
    • Last generation CNC numerical control machinery.
    • Constant and continuous quality control in all the processes.
  • Product

    • Solutions with first quality materials for exceptional products.
    • Our Rauman cabinets are universal for any partition and even as substitutes for the furniture wardrobe.
    • All kinds of doors and closure solutions for any partition and construction opening.
    • Panels without formaldehydeand ecologic packaging.
  • Quality

    • Impact, soundproofing, desmountability, fire, registrability, reinstalabillity, repeatability, are trials that are carried out for the Rauman compartmentalisation systems.
    • These trials are certified and homologated by official technological research centers like Tecnalia.
    • All the Rauman compartmentalisation systems are patented worldwide before their commercialization.


Impact, soundproofing, desmountability, fire, registrability, reinstalabillity, repeatability, are trials that are carried out  in the Rauman compartmentalisation systems and are patented worldwide before their commercialization.

OCA ISO 9001 certificate
OCA ISO 14001 certificate

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