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Composite ventilated facade systems

A masterpiece of the architecture not only requires talent and vision but also the tools and suitable materials for capturing the functional and aesthetics qualities of the architectural vision. Albond enhances the abilities of the architects and opens new design possibilities.

Aluminios Eibar provides global solutions with different systems for beautifying the buildings´ enclosuremaking them more efficient.

9 benefits of the Albond Composite panel

  • Durability. Albond offers a superior resistance to the humidity and the impact, to the UVA rays, pollution, abrasion and graffiti.
  • Waterproof. It is a material designed for solving leaks in the buildings. Its variety of formats allow the reduction of joints and critical points in buildings.
  • Flatness, with excellent finish that makes the choice ideal as cover material of very hight buildings.
  • Strong, but flexible, with the structural resistance of the steel and the lightness and inherent flexibility of the aluminium.
  • Functional. The Albond systems are fireresistant to the fire, diminish the sound and the resonable impacts. The advanced Composite panel finishings keep the ideal appearance in all kinds of weather.
  • Excellent uniformity of finishings. The Albond Composite panels have a great range of colours. The covers are of high performance and guarantee the maximum uniformity, range and warmth of colours. The Ral and Pantone colours are available in the Albond chart.
  • Lightness, is a light material. It does not overload the building structure.
  • Design. With Albond any design can be obtained applying the cutting, milling, mechanized and bending processes. Curve and straight, polygonal and with relief lines, obtaining volumes in the building with hiden fixing systems. Enables satisfying all the designers design purposes.
  • Compatibility. It is a compatible material with any facade and exterior carpentry system.
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Aluminios Eibar provides technical advice of the global needs in the building projects. If you have a facade project get in contact with us for offering you the best solution of the needs of your building.

For who

This material is ideal for the restoration and improvement  of the energetic efficiency of the buildings and pavilions. It has application to external projects, but also for the inside, and it is specifically thought for:

  • Facade remodeling and redesign.
  • Complement for curtain walls and other ventilated facades of the market.
  • Balconies, buildings and tunels covering. It is an impermeablematerial.
  • Labeling.

All the imaginable colours within your reach

Las posibilidades de color del Composite Albond son muy amplias y variadas. Conoce las variantes del producto Albond en función de las necesidades de tu obra.

Aluminios EIbar / Paneles para fachadas: color Serie 9000

9000 series

Range of 46 colours
Aluminios EIbar / Paneles para fachadas: color Serie 7000

7000 series

Range of 44 colours
Aluminios EIbar / Paneles para fachadas: color Serie 5000

5000 series

Range of 21 colours
Aluminios EIbar / Paneles para fachadas: color Serie Madera

Wood series

Range of 20 colours and textures
Aluminios EIbar / Paneles para fachadas: color Serie Piedra

Stone series

Range of 6 colours and textures
Aluminios EIbar / Paneles para fachadas: color Serie Iridio

Iridium series

Range of 8 gradients


Range of 12 combinations


Albond es marca de referencia en el mercado a nivel mundial. Es un panel Composite que se compone de 2 placas de aluminio y un nucleo central mineral FR o PE. Ofrece ventajas y aplicaciones mayores  que los materiales tradicionales utilizados para el recubrimiento de fachadas y edificios. Existen distintas modalidades de panel en función de su aplicación:

ALBOND 9000, ALBOND 7000

Panels that beautify and revitalize your building in an efficient way.


Panels for your labels, signage and inside decoration.


Covering of the plates

  • The aluminium of the Composite panel comes covered with high-class finishings, with possibilites of PVDF and three- layer HDPE finishings in Ral, Pantone, Wooden, Stone, Iridiim and special finishings.
  • The panels come protected with film sheet.
  • Panels with guarantee certificate and labeled CE.

The Composite panel

  • Best planimetry and large formats.
  • It doesn´t recharge the building.
  • It improves the thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Hidden fixation systems.
  • Economic and service efficiency.

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