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Aluminios Eibar as a reference in the projects: a single interlocutor for all projects.

Mobility and home automation

In response to the need of the market, we have incorporated mobility and home automation solutions and automatic openings for private homes, communities and buildings. Ask us.


Global solutions

We offer global solutions in interior and exterior projects, for new construction, rehabilitation and reform:

  • Itesal aluminium metal carpentry systems.
  • Composite Albond panel ventilated facade system.
  • Office partitioning systems, Rauman screen.



Aluminum enclosures for your home

Composite panel

Versatile and flame retardant with different thicknesses

Office division

Partitioning systems for the interior architecture

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Office Partition - Instalation process videos for best results

Everything is easier once you get to know it. And if it’s easy, then it’s better. That is why in Rauman we produced a series of videos to help our followers and visitors get familiar with our partition wall solutions and their installation.…

S0.1 Nuevo sistema de mampara. S0.1 New wall division

El sistema S0.1 : Con una línea de producto basada en aluminio, con líneas simples y sutiles teniendo en cuenta los aportes de certificación tanto acústica como de seguridad estructural

Sistema Lineal S13

Aluminios Eibar amplía la gama de producto Rauman en División de oficina con un Sistema de Doble Vidrio Lineal enrrasado con las caras exteriores.   Separación entre vidrios interna de 77,20 mm Misma posición de vidrios…

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