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    Aluminios Eibar, a reference company

Leader in aluminium solutions

Since we began our journey in the early 90’s, Aluminios Eibar, S.A. belongs to the Grupo Itesal, it has become a leading company of developping aluminium solutions, in the industrial and building sector.

We study and design carpentry systems and specific solutions for each work, compying always with the maximum qualifications in terms of technology and design. That has allowed us internationalizing and distributing our systems in Europe, Africa and America.

We keep a strong commitment with quality, both in our services and in our products and we do a constant effort to developp all our projects in an interactive way, by the coordination of a team of professionals integrated by engineers, draftsman and project managers. We are aware of the so specific needs of sectors such as the industry and building. Thus, that is the reason because, we have always developped specific profiles and systems for each one of them, it has been created as a solution to every constructive possibilities that the clients request us.

Aluminios Eibar has service vocation with its collaborators with the purpose of getting the satisfaction of the end user with the management of its products and services.

Three business lines

Aluminium Metallic Carpentry Systems for external architecture. Itesal Systems.

Albond, the aluminium Composite panels that we sell together with the different anchoring systems of the market for the covering of buildings. Integral solutions.

Rauman, our brand for office compartmentalization systems, a very appreciated product in the interior architecture world, which has an attractive design. With multiple solutions, it consists of more than 180 different profiles, to set linear glass systems, modular systems with simple clipping applications, different models of door for screen and construction opening, cabines, lined.


Aluminum enclosures for your home

Composite panel

Versatile and flame retardant with different thicknesses

Office division

Partitioning systems for the interior architecture


Our products are certified under important international quality certificates, such as ISO 9001 in extrusion, lacquered and break assembly, the anodized Qualanod and the lacquered Qualicoat.

Logotipos AENOR 9001 y 14001
Logotipo IQNet
Logotipo Euras EWAA

How we work

Aluminios Eibar - Project process

At Aluminios Eibar we participate in the client´s request, where all the product specifications are detailed. From there we carry out an integral management of the manufacturing process, dealing with the production of the extruded profile, cut to size, mechanized and superficial treatment by anodised or lacquering.

We make a constant effort for developping all our projects interactively, both with the clients, and inside the company, in what it is an effort for coordinating an integrated team composed of engineers, draughtsman and project managers.

Each of these scopes is in charge of one specific function, but they collaborate with the architecture and construction professionals, in order to be helpful to the prescribers in the development of the different projects, as well as in the compliance of the new CTE.

Are you interested in being part of our team?

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Visit our website, where you will find examples of our product lines and contact us, our Technical Office can advise you for any doubt that may arise about drawings, constructive details, etc., as well as to solve and collaborate in any development related to the aluminium.